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Style Blogger Turned CEO, Nohea Shares How She Balances A Multi-Faceted Brand

Pushing yourself and having a great work ethic are critical in succeeding not only in business but also in life, and Nohea has mastered both. Running a business online course and two businesses, Nohea does everything and loves challenging herself in new fields. A graduate from ASU Business School, Nohea has learned the ins and outs of the business, from the creative aspects to the analytic end, learning and growing from each and every experience. Her two businesses, The Modern Rustic Home, an online decor store with a fresh farmhouse style, and Livewell Brands, which provides natural CBD products with essential oils, prove the versatility of Nohea’s impressive work ethic.

Starting a blog for fashion inspiration which became extremely successful, Nohea started focusing on growing herself and her brand. She started her two business while managing the marketing departments for large e-commerce brands, pushing herself to do more and make a larger impact. Nohea’s authentic and relatable personality shines through in everything she does and every product she releases. I had a great opportunity to sit down and chat with Nohea about her journey as an entrepreneur running two successful businesses.

Give us a rundown on the history behind your business

My business is pretty multi-faceted. Right now I run my online course that teaches people how to start and grow their businesses online, I manage my two e-commerce stores, and I consult a medium to large e-commerce businesses in marketing strategy. I started on this journey by creating my blog, learning graphic and web design, and then working in the marketing departments for advertising agencies and e-commerce brands.

What has your process been like getting your business started to where you are now?

Crazy! It’s been pretty steady since inception, but the beginning was just insane. I had no idea how much of a response I would get so I was very overwhelmed. Lots of learning and developing myself as a business owner.

Is there anything people misunderstand about your career or something that might surprise others to learn about your work?

That it’s all about the pretty, creative stuff. I’m actually more in the back-end with code, analytics, and SEO than the graphic design, photography, and social media.

We all make them—what’s been one of your biggest professional mistakes or missteps so far? What did you learn from it? 

I took a job just because it was “cushy” and didn’t have to do much. I quickly realized that not challenging myself and just breezed by with the easy tasks was not going to push me or get me anywhere.

Have you had any major setbacks along the way, or did you have a moment where you wish you’d done something differently?

I don’t really believe in setbacks, just learning experiences. Everything that has happened in the past has led me to the exact point I am now which I am grateful for. The most successful people in the world would not have gotten to where they are now without encountering learning experiences.

How did you handle those setbacks?

I just took all the mistakes I made as learning experiences and rolled with the punches! There’s no point in beating yourself up about anything…that’s just wasting valuable time you could be using to get to your goal!

What’s your best piece of advice for women looking to work or build a career in your field?

DO EVERYTHING AT FIRST! Learn everything you can, but just the basics. Even if you are going to hire someone for it down the line, you will be thankful that you learned what it takes to do it yourself so you know what to look for when hiring and you can also quality check their work. Knowing how to do it all also gives you deeper insight into your business and can open your eyes to different things.

What’s something you wish your younger self had known when you were just starting out? 

To CHILL and not have anxiety about the future. Everything will work out exactly the way it’s supposed to! Don’t force anything.

What one thing do you wish someone had told you before you started your business? 

All the tax details. Taxes are crazy, people!

Social media can be both a blessing and a curse. How has your social media platforms helped and/or hurt your career?

In my businesses, they are a huge part of the foundation of the customer base and I am so thankful for that. Personally, for my personal brand, I feel like my social media is very convoluted and could potentially hurt me because it’s not all about business stuff but every aspect of my life – I love cooking, DIY projects, health, and wellness, I share business and social media tips…but I don’t really care! I want people to follow me for me, not for my business.

Instagram is usually used to show a positive highlight reel of what’s going on in your career.  What are some of the less glamorous things and tasks you don’t usually get to share with your audience?

Shipping packages, staring at my screen for an hour when I’m so tired that I have to re-read everything ten times…

What are your go-to apps/resources for managing your home and work?

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Trello and Google Sheets! I have the apps on my phone and can take them wherever I go. I also use UNUM for social media planning for both businesses and my personal use which helps soooo much and gives me less anxiety about posting.

Walk us through what a typical workday looks like for you.

  • 6am: Walk the dog

  • 7am: Make some coffee and get ready while checking some emails and watching the news (I love GMA because I feel like it’s the most light-hearted)

  • 8am: Dive head-in to projects and meetings for a few hours

  • Noon: Make lunch, take my vitamins (super important!) and re-charge while I plot out the rest of my day and look at how much I’ve crossed off

  • 1pm: More projects + make tomorrow’s to-do list

  • 4pm: post on social media on all the accounts I manage, play with my pup

  • 5pm: Work out: either pilates, barre, or spin

  • 6:30: Make dinner – usually from a PlateJoy recipe!

  • 8: Catch up on the latest Netflix show we’re addicted to

  • 10: Walk the pup before bed

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